Process your customers quickly and smoothly… with Gov-Pay

Gov-pay provisions your office with no cost, state-of-the-art equipment to accept credit/debit card payments at the counter. Our solution is a Card Association compliant convenience fee environment. All Convenience Fees are automatically calculated and added to each transaction, but only the “Principle” amount deposits to your bank. You need never hassle over convenience fee handling! Each card machine can accept payments for a single department or for multiple departments; and then deposit those collections to the correct bank account for each department. Clerk identification is simple and secure. Reports are detailed, yet simple & easy to do. They can be printed by clerk or by department. Receipts are clear and easy to read. The “Principle” payment amount and the “Convenience Fee” amounts are each printed on every receipt for customer convenience.

Simplify Online Payments

Gov-Pay makes online payments a breeze! A simple, one-page process that gets the job done! In almost every case, the payment data can be integrated to your account management software to automatically mark the account ‘PAID’. Page Header and Data fields are customizable to meet your needs. Payment pages are available for cards and online checks. Principle payment funds deposited to your bank of preference, and none of your staff ever need fuss over convenience fee. Payors must have a valid email address; a receipt is delivered to that email address. A receipt ‘print’ option is presented after the transaction completes.